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Back to blogging

Back to semi-regular blogging, with too many updates to mention.

Along with David Broockman, I have been helping out with Y Combinator Research’s basic income study. This project, led by Elizabeth Rhodes, will provide unconditional cash transfers on a randomized basis and seems like it will be our best shot at answering a bunch of questions about a transfer scheme like this in the US. A description of the much smaller pilot is here; the full study details are not publicly available yet. I will sometimes be in San Francisco for this.

Another exciting thing is that data collection for a collaboration with the World Bank on how policymakers make decisions is just wrapping up. Expect updated papers (multiple!) here soon.

I’ve also gotten some results for a study on whether new technology affects ethical beliefs. The results surprised me: at least in the case I consider, the answer is no. I’ll try to post more about this in the future.

A lot of other interesting things in the pipeline. I am putting blogging at least once a month as a hard goal for myself, so more soon!

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