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Causal inference:

Vivalt, E. (forthcoming). “How Much Can We Generalize from Impact Evaluations?”, Journal of the European Economics Association.

Vivalt, E. (2019). “Specification Searching and Significance Inflation Across Time, Methods and Disciplines”, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 81(4): 797–816.

Vivalt, E. (2015). “Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Impact Evaluation”, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 105(5): 467–470.

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Basic income / cash transfer programs:

Y Combinator Research’s Basic Income RCT with Alex Bartik, David Broockman, Sarah Miller, and Elizabeth Rhodes

This is a large project in the U.S. that will test the impact of receiving $1,000/month, unconditionally, for 3 years. An older overview of the project can be found here. Researchers may contact me privately for pre-analysis plans on any of the following 12 topics (some of which may merge but which are currently envisaged as separate papers):

  • Employment, work quality, and job search
  • Time use
  • Income, expenditures, and financial health
  • Mental and physical health outcomes
  • Cognitive outcomes
  • Material wellbeing
  • Subjective, psychological, and social wellbeing
  • Political and social attitudes
  • Children’s educational outcomes
  • Intrahousehold outcomes and intimate partner violence
  • Migration and housing outcomes
  • Crime

Another cash transfer study is in development (independently).

Forecasting and development economics:

DellaVigna, S., Pope, D. and Vivalt, E. (forthcoming). “Predict Science to Improve Science”, Science.

DellaVigna, S., Otis, N. and Vivalt, E. “Forecasting the Results of Economic Research” (in preparation for AEA Papers and Proceedings).

The above papers are part of a larger project generously supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and an anonymous foundation.

Vivalt, E. and Coville, A. “How Do Policymakers Update Their Beliefs?” (under review)

Vivalt, E. and Coville, A. “The Implications of Variance Neglect for the Formation and Estimation of Subjective Expectations” (under review)

Coville, A. and Vivalt, E. “Weighing Evidence: Which Attributes Matter?” (in preparation)

Vivalt, E. (forthcoming). “Using Priors in Experimental Design: How Much Are We Leaving on the Table?” in Bédécarrats F., I. Guérin, and F. Roubaud, eds., Randomized Control Trials in the Field of Development: The Gold Standard Revisited. London: Oxford University Press.

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