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It’s been a while since that last post and a lot has changed in the interim.

I am pleased to announce I have taken up my position at the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University, after visiting Stanford. The position also carries with it the title of Inaugural Wealth and Wellbeing Fellow, and there’s no teaching until 2018.

The three research projects I have been working on that I am most excited about I unfortunately can’t talk about yet publicly. Hopefully, I will be able to resume blogging later in the fall or winter.

I recently participated in EAGxMelbourne and EA Global, as well as seminars at the University of Melbourne and UNSW.

As for future travel plans, I have some things scheduled in North America (Berkeley, NYC, Princeton, Chicago) and, later on, Hong Kong and Singapore. Let me know if you are nearby one of those areas and interested in meeting up.

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