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Other papers

Coville, A. and Vivalt, E. (2019). “Using Subjective Expectations to Assess Research Credibility” (formerly “How Often Should We Believe Positive Results? Assessing the Credibility of Research Findings in Development Economics”)

Huet-Vaughn, E., Pham, M., Tasoff, J. and Vivalt, E. “The Price of Moral Values: Motivated Beliefs, Selective Search, and Food Consumption”

Vivalt, E., Freitas-Groff, Z. and Macdonald, B. (2017). “The Impact of New Products on Ethical Beliefs” also presented as “How Does Clean Meat Change Consumer Preferences?”

Macdonald, B., Freitas-Groff, Z. and Vivalt, E. (2017). “Effective Strategies for Overcoming the Naturalistic Heuristic”
Description of treatment arms