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Older papers

“How Often Should We Believe Positive Results? Assessing the Credibility of Research Findings in Development Economics” with Aidan Coville

Blog post:

“How Much Can Impact Evaluations Inform Policy Decisions?” (revising)

“Challenges in Changing Social Norms: Evidence from Interventions Targeting Child Marriage in Ethiopia” with Vinci Chow (under review)

“How Concerned Should We Be About Selection Bias, Hawthorne Effects and Retrospective Evaluations?”

“Peacekeepers Help, Governments Hinder”

“The Impact of New Products on Ethical Beliefs” with Zach Groff and Bobbie Macdonald (revising)

“Effective Strategies for Overcoming the Naturalistic Heuristic: Experimental Evidence on Consumer Acceptance of ‘Clean’ Meat” with Zach Groff and Bobbie Macdonald (revising)
Description of treatment arms