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Google Glass review

It was fun.


If you haven’t had the chance to play with it yet – it’s buggy and unable to do much yet. However, it seems like this is one of the times where the software can really make it. (What are e-readers without books? A laptop without software?) And I know of a lot of cool things being developed, like a Wii sports-like app from Alex Foster.

I like it and I’m excited for future, despite its current early stage. The price will have to come down substantially before it can take off, not the least because you don’t want to wear something so expensive while walking down the street.

Apart from that, I’ll quote my friend Vinci (of econometrics videos fame):

What’s it good for:
– HUD clock. Seriously, this is surprisingly useful.
– Directions. Works just like Google Navigation and makes you feel like a jet pilot.
– Calls. Which you can initiate with voice command. If you’re looking for a Ghost In The Shell experience, you got it.
– Snapping photos and videos. Quality is acceptable for Facebook.
– Google search. Too slow and voice-recognition is too inaccurate for practical use.
– That’s it, seriously. There is a reason why it’s for early adopters only.

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