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The World Bank cancels 2014 Young Professionals Program

The Young Professionals Program is the main recruitment tool used by the World Bank. About 10% of its professional staff came in through that process. In my 2011 cohort, there were 35 of us. The program has been cancelled for 2014, though they say it will return.

I am trying to get the story on what is going on. Currently, this seems to be the best guess:

1. With the bank re-structuring into 14 “Global Practices”, there’s confusion over where the YPs would fit in, and/or who would decide on them and be (in a token way) responsible for them

Usually, the VPs all vote on the last set of candidates, and if you support someone’s application you are nominally responsible for taking them in if they can’t find a placement.

2. The head of the YP program left a couple of months ago, making it harder to coordinate

Much worse: there are rumours she will not be replaced. This makes me worry that it’s perhaps not just a transient shock. Especially given:

3. There are some senior people not so fond of YPs (word on the street)

This all still sounds like a temporary thing. Hopefully. If there were ever a group of people not to cut, it would be your young people with the latest skills. The World Bank has a lot of old people. In my experience, the young brought in a lot of new ideas.

P.S. Check out a new Indiegogo relating to what we know and don’t yet know in development.

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